Maria João  Rodrigues
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was Minister of Employment in Portugal and has been a policy maker working with the European Institutions since 2000. The main outcomes she has been working for are:

· The EU Strategy for growth and jobs, the Lisbon Strategy followed by the EU2020 Strategy
· The EU agenda for globalization and the strategic partnerships with the USA, China, Russia, India and Brazil for a new growth model
· The development of several policy areas: employment, education, innovation, research, regional and industrial policies
· Special EU initiatives: the new Erasmus for mobility, New Skills for New Jobs
· The responses to the euro-zone crisis
· The final negotiation of the Lisbon Treaty

In academic terms, she is professor of European economic policies in the European Studies Institute - Université Libre de Bruxelles and in the Lisbon University Institute. She was also the chair of the European Commission Advisory Board for socio-economic sciences.

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