EU Roadmap with better European solutions!
We managed to put #SocialRights back at the EU agenda! The European Pillar of Social Rights must be now translated into concrete actions
After years of work and negotiations, the #SocialPillar has been proclaimed. Now, concrete actions must follow
#SocialSummit17: Proclamation of European Pillar of Social Rights
2018 must be the year to deliver the EU Roadmap!
Social Pillar, EU budget, climate change, migration...Some of the priorities of 2018

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by Maria João Rodrigues

How can countries converge in spite of their differences?

On the impact of the Eurozone crisis and its far-reaching implications for European governance inside and outside the EU borders.

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Speech at the EP Plenary debate on the conclusions of the EU Council
European Parliament S&D Group distances itself from the ‘Joint Declaration on on the EU's legislative priorities'
Social Pillar implementation and Eurozone reform, commitments must be delivered
EU list of priorities for 2018-19 is too weak, S&D wants more for Europeans
Social Pillar, digital revolution, new Portuguese Eurogroup President Mário Centeno, Eurozone reform...and more
Leaders, delegates, experts and activists met in Lisbon for the annual PES Council ‘#ProgressiveEurope: Renewal'
TV Interview at Euractiv 'Over a coffee'
Party of European Socialists (PES) Council in Lisbon
01/12/2017 - Lisbon
11/12/2017 - Brussels
08/12/2017 - Brussels
16/01/2018 - Strasbourg


Maria João Rodrigues

Maria João Rodrigues is Member of the European Parliament, Vice-President of the S&D Group and President of FEPS - European Foundation of Progressive Studies. After being a Minister of Employment in Portugal, she was policy maker working in several posts in the European Institutions since 2000, notably in the leading teams of EU Presidencies. Main political outcomes: the EU Strategy for Growth and Jobs, the Lisbon Treaty, solutions for the Eurozone and the Refugees crisis, the Strategic Partnerships for sustainable development with China, Brazil and others.




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